There is no doubt that IBM has done a great job of integrating the power of the Dojo toolkit into Lotus Quickr, however in just a few areas the Dojo widgets are not as full functioned as every user would like.

This often applies to the rich text editor.  The default Quickr one is good, but doesn't include a number of key features, particularly with regard to complex formatting of sections and display of changes from previous edits.  The folks at Ephox have moved to resolve this by working with IBM to integrate their EditLive! toolkit with the Quickr product:

Introducing EditLive! for IBM Quickr:

Ephox and IBM have partnered together to provide a rich text editing experience for Quickr J2EE and Quickr Domino users. EditLive! is the award-winning, HTML editor that has been successfully integrated with IBM Web Content Management for the past three years and it is now available for Quickr.

Increase the user adoption of Quickr with a powerful and easy to use rich text editor.

With EditLive!, business users can create sophisticated looking Quickr documents using the familiar interface of Word that includes advanced features such as track changes, tables, and lists. EditLive! for Quickr takes the pain out of online publishing and gives authors a familiar editing environment - ensuring widespread user adoption.

Create team space home pages, blogs and other Quickr HTML pages through EditLive!. Content authors can also create links to images and other documents within the Quickr repository. Finally, for those clients with Quickr and IBM Lotus Web Content Management deployments, Ephox will be providing integrated functionality enabling you to use Quickr assets within ILWCM through EditLive! for IBM WCM linking capabilities.

Key features of EditLive!:

    * Clean copy and paste from Word
    * Spell check as you type with thesaurus
    * Word-like track changes speeds up collaboration
    * Robust table and list editing features
    * Centralized style sheet controls reduce time wasted on formatting
    * Support for sections (DIVs) makes complex layouts simple
    * True WYSIWYG styles dropdown
    * Word-like format painter
I have long been a fan of EditLive! for use in IBM Portal/WCM environments, so I am really pleased that Ephox have ported it to Quickr.  They are currently looking for beta testers, so if you need to turbocharge your Quickr rich text, head on over to Ephox.

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1) Table edit problem
Johann Echavarria 11/04/2008 3:10:06 PM

In Quickr 8.1. Users can "check out and edit" documents and can add tables and links using "add/edit table" button, they can "check in" and the table is added. The problem is when they "check out and edit" again, the table doesn't change using that button and the browser shows an error: Internet Explorer shows error. Firefox clone the table.

You can add html, but normal users don't have to know HTML.

I have seen this problem in at least tree different Quickr servers.

This seems a bug. I don't know if Quickr 8.1 will improve this with Ephox.

Any hint?

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